Marble Garden wins NGDC at GameRome


The Nordic Game Discovery Contest returned to GameRome in Rome, Italy on 14 November for the fifth qualifier in the NGDC’s fourth season.

Hosted by Nordic Game’s Teddy Florea, the contest in the Italian capital was a very tight battle between the three competing teams, with several split decisions and only a few points separating the competitors after the final round.

In the end, Italian Omnisir came out on top with Marble Garden, an action fantasy game with a unique story about confronting illness and the extraordinary power of imagination.

Check out the game trailer:

Big congratulations to Omnisir for winning Season IV’s fifth NGDC qualifier and a huge thank you to the organisers of GameRome for their fantastic support and a great show.

See you at NG20 next May for the NGDC Season IV finalist expo and grand finals!

NGDC Season IV is sponsored by Xsolla, Versus Evil, Nordic Game Ventures, Matchmade, 80 Level, Karmafy and Plan of Attack.

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