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About Nordic Game Discovery Contest

NGDC Season V, December 2020 - November 2021. Join us!
With thousands of new titles released each year, the competition to get noticed is fiercer than ever.
Joining the NGDC gives you a shot at getting your game discovered!

In 2016, building on fourteen years of organising successful games industry activities, including the annual Nordic Game conference and exhibition, regional funding programs, overseas networking events and other developer support initiatives, we introduced the Nordic Game Discovery Contest (NGDC) - an exciting, competitive challenge where selected game projects are showcased live in pitch competitions at partner events across Europe.

Now in our fifth season, the unique NGDC format - instead of just pitching a game the traditional way, contestants compete live onstage in an entertaining round-based battle for points - continues to thrill participants and audiences alike.

How to participate: Are you developing, or have you already developed a game that deserves more attention than it’s received so far? Submit your game via one of our partner events on the Season V tour (details announced before each qualifier via our newsletter – subscribe here – and on, then prepare to pitch your game live – and maybe at the NGDC finals at the fall edition of Nordic Game 2021 in November!

Get your game discovered • As a finalist, a shot at some great prizes • Meet potential partners and investors among the companies following the contest • Two Premium conference passes for NG21 in November • Unlimited access to the NG21 MeetToMatch system this fall • Showreel in the NGDC Season IV Finalists Online Expo during Nordic Game 2021 (the fall edition of NG21) in November.

The NGDC Season V Tour Plan (2020-2021) includes online qualifiers at Africa Games Week (December/South Africa) – Kavalkaden (March/Norway) – DStars Connects (March/Italy) – BIG Festival (May/Brazil) – DreamHack Beyond (July/US) - EVA (September/Argentina) – Game Dev Camp (September/Portugal) – LevelUp Conference (September/Italy) – DevPlay (October/Romania) – Melbourne International Games Week (October/Australia) and Guerrilla Games Festival (October/Spain).

Online Grand Finals: November: Nordic Game 2021 (the fall edition of NG21) - Malmö, Sweden.

NGDC wild cards: Not attending our partner events? Fear not. Online submission for wild card seats in the NGDC finals opens each season after the partner event qualifiers.

Become an NGDC partner! Download the NGDC partnership brochure here and contact Nordic Game BD director Teddy Florea here to learn about great opportunities now available with the fifth season NGDC tour.

The NGDC Season V is sponsored by Xsolla, Microsoft, Tencent Games, WhisperGames and Nordic Game Ventures, in partnership with Games Branding, DDM and 80 Level.


Stay tuned for our updated schedule as Season V continues to expand over the months ahead..
Africa Games Week (December/South Africa)

Design Imps with “The Endless Wyrd” won the NGDC Season V online qualifier at Africa Games Week in Cape Town, South Africa in December.

Kavalkaden (March/Norway)

Arik Zurabian and Edo Brenes with “Dude, Where is My Beer?” won the NGDC Season V online qualifier at Kavalkaden in Norway this February.

DStars Connects (March/Italy)

Brazilian Quartomundo with “The Light of the Darkness” won the NGDC Season V online qualifier at DStars in Italy this March.

BIG Festival (May/Brazil)

Israeli heavy metal music game “Of Bird and Cage” won the NGDC qualifier at the NGDC qualifier on 7 May at Brazil’s BIG Festival from a record number of submissions from around the globe.

DreamHack Beyond (July/US)

On 29 July, the strategy adventure game “Summoners Fate” by US-based D20 Studios won the season’s fifth online NGDC quaifier during DreamHack Beyond.

EVA (September/Argentina)

On 3 September, the game “There You Are” by US-based Funky Dango won the season’s sixth online NGDC quaifier during Exposición de Videojuegos Argentina (EVA).

Game Dev Camp (September/Portugal)

The game “Project Haven” by Code Three Fifty One won the season’s NGDC quaifier at GameDev Camp online in Lisbon, Portugal.

LevelUp Conerence (SEPTEMBER/ITALY)

Elvis Morelli’s innovative mobile game “Game Over Carrara” won the season’s NGDC quaifier at the online LevelUp conference in Rome, Italy.

DevPlay (October/Romania)

Submissions deadline for the NGDC qualifier at DevPlay online in Romania is 21 September – apply now!

Melbourne Intl Games Week (October/Australia)

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Guerrilla Games Festival (October/Spain)

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Nordic Game group delegation (all season)

Jury selection as a member of a group delegation participating in the spring or fall edition of Nordic Game.

NGDC Season V wild cards (November)

Online submission for wild card seats in the NGDC finals opens each season after the partner event qualifiers. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated!

NGDC Season V GRAND FINALS (November at NG21)

Stay tuned for details about this year’s NGDC Season V Online Grand Finals in November at Nordic Game 2021 (the fall edition of NG21), live from Malmö, Sweden.

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